What is included in Premises?
Exterior, interior and common areas of the facility. Common areas can include parking lot, shipping/receiving areas, entryways, washrooms, common cleanup areas, shared kitchen and/or preparation areas.

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Challenges and Responsibilities

Challenges and Responsibilities

  • Lack of ownership on the part of the HUB Users.

  • Establish maintenance budget.

  • Lack of care and attention, the need to train people, but also consequences and identify when the consequences will be identified to the HUB User.

The Food Hub program in BC is providing entrepreneurs with access to equipment and premises in a cost-effective way. Although the overall responsibility for maintenance and sanitation of the premise is the HUB Operator, HUB Users have shared responsibility to respect the equipment and building to which they have access.

An effective Premise monitoring program is critical to reduce entrance of pests, retain integrity of the building, and for the development of a collaborative food safe environment. The HUB Owner and users must work cooperatively to ensure the Premises are maintained in a suitable food safe manner. The risks of a shared Premise where the Hub Owners and HUB Users are not complying or respecting this relationship will negatively affect all. The potential of pest entry, resulting in pilferage and adulteration of products, materials, and ingredients will result in a very rapid demise of the facility’s legitimacy as well as users’ safe and quality products and users’ respective Brands. Methods to reduce these risks are covered in the documents, procedures, and record keeping identified within the Premises section of this program.

The Premises section of the Manual includes pre-operational and monitoring checklists, sample records, and identified responsibilities of changes in the plant environment whether through renovation and/or maintenance processes. Recording and tracking change management within the Premises ensures proof of a food safe environment.

Factors and costs to consider:

  • Incremental costs of use for the user – freezers / coolers

  • Organization of coolers and freezers to ensure security of materials for food safety and against pilferage.

  • Procedures for HUB Users to secure their products in shared areas as well as reducing potential cross contamination

  • If owner subcontracts repairs and/or maintenance, the facility management requires current contact information for reference of qualified trades who are available.

  • Daily inspection of exterior and interior of building to be recorded and assigned

  • Regular monitoring of effective function of windows, doors and screens

  • Temperature controls

  • Humidity (fans)

  • Lighting

Document List

Document List

The documents below are for your HUB use.  You may use them as complete (pdf) or modify them to suit your needs as required (Word).

Premises document file types


  • HUB.PRE.POL.57  Premises Policy  pdf | Word


  • HUB.PRE.SOP.1  Premises Verification SOP  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.SOP.2  Water Testing SOP  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.SOP.3  Daily Inspection(monitoring) SOP  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.SOP.4  Plant Renovation SOP  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.SOP.6  Glass & Hard Plastic Breakage SOP  pdf | Word


  • HUB.PRE.FRM.28 Plant Renovation, New Equipment/Utensil Form  pdf | Word


  • HUB.PRE.REC.7  Site Plan/Floor Plan  pdf | PowerPoint
  • HUB.PRE.REC.8  Back Flow Prevention Device Inspection Report  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.REC.9  Glass and Brittle Plastics Registry  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.REC.10  Plant Schematic  pdf | Word
  • HUB.PRE.REC.152  Sampling Map of Testing (Identifying locations and what tests conducted)  pdf | Word


  • HUB.PRE.REF.11  Water Sampling Method  pdf | Word


  • HUB.PRE.SIGN.15  Washroom_Remove Apron  PowerPoint
  • HUB.PRE.SIGN.17  Caution Wet Floor  PowerPoint
  • HUB.PRE.SIGN.18  Cooler_Nothing on Floor  PowerPoint